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This place is mine,

digital prints on canvas, embroideries, cloth, wood, bamboo


These costumes (between costumes / shelters / tents / flags) are made out of digital photographs of the earthquake rubble or spots with left over of former households. Everything was destroyed except some concrete constructions, a few cupboards still standing here and there, etc. With everything destroyed how do we build again? Do we replace the old or do we want to improve? Do we have the ability to improve?

I made these shelters out of digital prints of the empty land near my house in southern Yogyakarta , Indonesia . Houses use to stand on this land but they were completely destroyed by the earthquake in May 2006. The shelters are actually satirical comments about the ironic relationship among the NGOs and the community they are trying to ‘save'. These organizations would come and take over areas where common people used to live before the disaster. Different NGOs, divided by religion, country and vision, would make their claim over these areas for recovery projects. They place their flags, fence up their land and start their field work and write proposals with their specific NGO jargon.