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Tenaga LakiLaki / Male Energy

Silkscreen on textile, aluminum, iron. Video in collaboration with Bambang Km.


I stayed at a residency at Jatiwangi Factory for one month in the village Jatiwangi in West Java surrounded by farmland and rooftile factories. I looked into the youth culture in this rural district. I realized that there are more than fourty Rock Bands active in the area, playing mostly heavy metal. Community activities which appear in the public sphere are dominated by men. With the aim to be free and creative the youngsters create these bands. I collected their logos, screenprinted them on textile and inspired by the local band’s name ‘Kimonokiller’ I made two kimono’s out of them. Wanting to be different but putting the logos together, in the end they look uniform.
Because of the name Kimonokiller, I started to look for a connection with Japan related to the history in this area. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese confiscated land from the rice farmers to build a small airport. After independence this military airport was never given back to the Indonesian farmers, although they are protesting up till today, the Indonesian government uses this land for a military airport. Another connection relates to the recent developments in Indonesia of industrialization and globalization. Urban developments rapidly enter this village and a toll road is getting built nearby. The ruins of the Dutch sugar factory will be demolished soon and be replaced by a shopping mall with Japanese investors.