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Rubber time II

mattress, zinc, fibre glass, buffalo horn, leather, batik


Sometimes life in a tropical third world country can be transient. People are constantly on the move, tracking from the village to the city in search for work, staying at a place for a short time. The cities show us views of homeless people sleeping on the street, street sellers who sleep next to their merchandise in the markets, refugees and the ‘riff-raff' of society. The shelters they seek are made out of a minimal, moveable construction needed for protection.

Three figures are rolled in different materials: a mattress, zinc and batik shirts. The legs sticking out of these rolls are cast in fibreglass, but made to look as close to a human being's as possible. I kept another roll of material, made out of buffalo horn and cow leather, for my performance at the opening. I lay quietly on the floor together with the other figures. The work is about creating a confusion between the ones alive, asleep, death or fake.
In 2007/2008 this work was the starting point and inspiration to be developed into a theater work together with Yudi Tajudin and Teater Garasi ( Yogyakarta ) entitled ‘Jejalan'.