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The Post Modernist

Embroidered Emblems (after packages of herbal potency medicines)


This work is about notions of time, appearance and being a physical participant of this era.

*Wikipedia: Postmodernism is a tendency in contemporary culture characterized by the problematisation of ‘objective truth’ and inherent suspicion towards global cultural narrative or meta-narrative. It involves the belief that many, if not all, apparent realities are only social constructs, as they are subject to change inherent to time and place. It emphasizes the role of language, power relations, and motivations; in particular it attacks the use of sharp classifications such as male versus female, straight versus gay, white versus black, and imperial versus colonial. Rather, it holds realities to be plural and relative, and dependant on who the interested parties are and what their interests consist in. Whereas modernism was primarily concerned with principles such as identity, unity, authority, and certainty, postmodernism is often associated with difference, plurality, textuality, and skepticism.
Private Collection