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The landscaper

Wood, paint, iron, leather. Video 3’40’’ (edition of 3)


Wooden panels carved by Pengho and painted by Anex at Jatiwangi

Photography by Mie Cornoedus

I stayed three weeks at Jatiwangi, a village in West Java at a residency at Jatiwangi Art Factory.
Daily, I drove along Deandels ‘Grote Postweg’ or ‘Great Post road’, connecting Bandung with Cirebon. This road is also called ‘the blood road’ by locals, refering to the very high death toll of exploited labor under colonial rule, creating this 1000 km road during the year 1808. This legendary road was especially for transport and trade needed for military purposes and ‘fast’ mobilization of troops; defending the north coast from the English entering Java.
The cruelty that happened is in strong contrast with the beautiful landscapes surrounding this area. I copied the landscapes that are painted on becaks operating on this ‘Grote Postweg’ in wooden panels (22 x 17 cm each) in collaboration with Penho and Anex, the local artists in Jatiwangi Village. With these 34 wooden panels I created into a skirt. The skirt is worn by a Sufi dancer who is dancing and spinning until he collapses.