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The Feeder

military outfits, seaweed, miso soup, squids, fish soup, traditional medicines 3 DVD's


A military mission is not only about sending troops of warriors, but also food and medicine. “Who's the Hunter? Who's the Killer? Who's the Feeder? And who's the Healer? These are the underlying questions from my work ‘The Warrior', ‘The Feeder' and ‘The Healer' (2003). This work was produced during the beginning of the Iraqi war. At the same time Indonesian militaries were entering the province Aceh to ‘finish' the independence movement. It represents human's inevitable connection to killing, healing and feeding. The ‘warrior' costume is made out of used military outfits, worn by Indonesian soldiers (TNI), cut into strings and mixed with seaweed created into a new warrior cloak. The lower seaweed part hangs into a pan and is boiled into a miso soup served to the audience. The ‘feeder' is made out of squids and squid soup, the ‘healer' is from Chinese and Indonesian traditional medicines that are cooked into a ‘jamu'.