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Animals have no Religion I

Black Coral, satellite dishes, radio antennae, hoster vests 2 pieces


These works I developed at the performance residency ‘Absence’ at Manila Contemporary. Drawn from my observations of religious life in the Philippines during the month-long residency, I continued the series ‘Animals have no Religion’ investigating the relationships of human beings to other living things. ‘Animals have no Religion’ (I and II) consists of four elaborately constructed costumes that formed two pairs. By using specific objects and materials, I activate and question the human need for protection in a fragile world.

Two male models stood up by the wall, strapped with holster vests and a shield covering their upper bodies, composed of satellite dishes, radio antennae and black coral. This black coral or akar bahar traditionally is used by fishermen mostly in the form of a bracelet, in Indonesia and the Philippines, to ward off evil spirits.

The second pair wears red leather garments, from the sleeves of which wooden feet emerged, in which the models portrayed/walked like animals around the space.
During the performance /opening night (5 June 2011) I projected animal figure shadows on the models and the walls behind. Pieces of dried mango that had been cut into animal shapes and placed on an overhead projector which I consumed during the performance.