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Animals have no Religion / Indra I

Costumes, teak wood, deer feet, wallpaper design (photographs by Mie Cornoedus)


This work is a continuation of the series ‘Animals have no Religion’. It questions our positioning as human beings related to other living creatures. We humans are aware of ourselves and by being aware of ourselves we, on one the hand, question our origins and, on the other hand, we question about what we want to be, or become.
Do Animals live on instinct alone, and therefore only follow their nature? Is there a hierarchy, with Man as a ‘Religious Animal’ on top?
All religions look differently at animals and their place in our lives. In some we are seen as equals to animals and in other religions traditionally animals are seen as being 'beneath' humans and of lesser importance.
I consider the Cow on top in the hyrarchy for her gentle nature and strength. The cow is very honored in society, the closest to humans yet without violence. The Cow is seen as sacred because of the ability to nurture human lives, providing milk, meat, leather and plowing the rice fields. The cow also forfills the role of sacrificial animal in human rituals.